Your Eye Must Be Examined By An Eye Surgeon As Soon As Possible.

The.esearchers created eye drops containing lanosterol, tested them in rabbit eye lenses and found the lenses were clearer after a few days. Sometimes a cataract should be removed even if it does not cause problems with your vision. half of people in the United States have cataracts or have undergone cataract surgery by the time they’re 80 years old, according to the National Eye Institute . Cataracts that affect the edges of the lens cortical cataracts. A cataract is not contagious and cannot spread from one eye to the other or from person to person. Cataracts may cause a variety of complaints and visual changes, including blurred vision, difficulty with glare often with bright sun or auto mobile headlights while driving at night, dull colon vision, increased near-sightedness accompanied by frequent changes in eyeglass prescription, and occasionally, double vision in one eye. no dataYour eye must be examined by an eye surgeon as soon as possible. The study authors concluded that patients with longer-than-average eyeball length associated with higher myopia and an increase in corneal higher-order aberrations might need to have cataract surgery performed earlier if they have previously undergone LASIK surgery. Early treatment for many eye diseases may save your sight. A cortical cataract is characterized by white, wedge-like opacities that start in the periphery of the lens and work their way to the canter in a spoke-like fashion. Nd:MAG laser can also then break up the cataract as in phacoemulsification. 71 Stem cells have been used in a clinical trial for lens regeneration in twelve children under the age of two with cataracts present at birth. 72 The children were followed for six months, so it is unknown what the long-term results will be, and it is unknown if this procedure would work in adults. 72 A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye that can make it harder for you to see. Problems seeing shapes against a background or the difference between shades of colons Frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions Cataracts lead to decreased vision, even in daylight. How do cataracts affect vision?

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