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In addition to nearsightedness, LASIK also is approved to treat farsightedness and astigmatism.” Custom wavefront guided treatments, using technology derived from the Hubble telescope in space, enabled surgeons to treat optical errors on the surface of the eye, and internal aberrations that were previously uncorrectable. This custom treatment along with wavefront optimized and recently, topography-guided LASIK have fine-tuned results to help patients achieve even better results. LASIK is one of the most closely studied and commonly performed procedures in the world. no dataAs with all surgery, there are risks associated with the treatment. To minimize complications, a thorough exam should be performed preoperatively. no dataIndividuals who are not good candidates for LASIK include: women who are nursing or may be pregnant, keratoconus patients or patients who have auto-immune disease. Other contraindications for LASIK include thin corneas, unstable correction and severe dry eye. According to the Refractive Surgery Alliance, (RSA) clinical studies show that refractive surgery generally provides better vision than glasses or contact lenses, is safer than contact lens wear and is less expensive over time. The LASIK Quality of Life Collaboration Project, performed by the National Eye Institute (NEI) and the Department of Defense (DOD), studied results from LASIK. In the Patient Reported Outcomes With LASIK (Prowl-2) study, the US FDA reports, 96% of patients achieved 20/20 or better uncorrected vision following LASIK at three months post-op. Greater than 96% of patients who had LASIK were satisfied with their vision at three months as compared to only 45% pre-operatively.

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Laser liposuction patients often experience swelling and bruising in the days after surgery. They can correct astigmatism and are available in bifocals. In some instances, the coloboma can give the pupil a keyhole shape, with a split from the pupil to the iris. While in most cases the double vision fades after a couple of weeks, there are instances–though rare–in which it’s permanent. These lenses are made with curvatures at different angles, and they are made to stay in one place on the eye and not rotate. Edward Weaver will show you how to wear contact lenses. The income and assets rules will vary depending on which eligibility category you belong to and how many members are in your family. Severing corneal nerves during the Lasik procedure can result in decreased sensitivity of the cornea. Ask them if they would recommend their doctor if they were having surgery again. An eye care practitioner may need to try several combinations with different lens styles before the fitting is finalized.

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